Writing Update: Week 1

  • Stories Completed: 1/5
  • Words Written (Book): 0/200,000
  • Words Written (Short Story): 0/10,000
  • Words Written (Flash): 725/750
  • Words Written (Script): 0/30,000

So yeah, writing has not been very good to me either this week. College has been taking a toll on many things, and I just feel really overwhelmed. But I did write a flash story I was happy with, though the people at workshop didn’t understand stuff due to clarity issues in the piece. While I hate when that happens, since most of the time if it was cleared up the rest of the story would make sense, I am happy to get such critiques. Because I can’t be there for the reader to clear up any questions so the story makes sense, the story must make sense without my comments. So I feel a little annoyed, but a positive annoyed, because I know I can and will do better.

I’ve also been reading over the few thousand words of my revision for my book, and I think I may just start over. I only got 2500 words in before I stopped for a while, and I think that there is an important reason why. I really need to get my timeline fixed and set up well so things make sense, and right now I feel a little unclear.

So yeah, not much progress as far as word count, but I think understanding of my work and worldbuilding has been mildly productive.