Writing Goals: A Late New Year’s Resolution Part II

So this year I’ve been swamped with school, and so my writing has suffered for it. Though I have found inspiration in short stories. As I said, I’m wanting to write and publish 5 short stories before I send a draft of my book in. Last semester and this I have been developing two. I’m also considering flash fictions as well, as getting them published will add to the 5 story quota. Of course, if I get one story published and I finish my book, I may decide to send it in. Why not? Anyway, I’ll say that my goals for this year are this:

  1. Write 5 short stories and send in for publication
  2. Write 5 flash fictions and send in for publication
  3. Write full revision for my book (Approx. 200,000 words)

I’ll be updating every week about my status on writing. The first post update will be on Sunday. I’m going to assume the revision will be 200,000 words, and so as I will be writing 1000 words a day, I’ll write at the top of my updates as such:

  • 1/5 stories completed
  • 1000/200,000

Now, if the book ends shorter than 200,000 words, that’s fine and dandy (publishers are more comfortable publishing smaller books from newer authors anyway).

Also, since this has been talking about my book, I’ll also say that structurally, I’ve decided the series will be 12 books long, consisting of 4 major arcs, and each arc being 3 books long. This is the way the series has been going, and it has grown so much bigger than I ever imagined. I went from 3 books, to 5, to 6, to 7, to 10, and now to 12. And I’m much more comfortable at twelve because with how the story is going, and how big it all is, that is how I think it is best to tell it.

So yeah, twelve book series coming sometime.


Book Update: First Draft Done!!…And other updates

*Blows dust off old blog.

Did you think I’d forgotten you, readers? Perhaps I had, but anyway I’ve returned to revive this old blog and tell y’all that I’ve finished the first draft of my book! Technically, I finished it last summer, but I’ve been so busy I’ve just been putting off making an update on how everything turned out. So enjoy my copypaste of a Facebook post I made when I finished the draft.

*Facebook Post: July 20, 2016

THE BOOK IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
48 chapters
195,112 words
273 pages (~550 book pages)
1 year and 2 months of writing 1st rough draft
7 1/2 years of planning, worldbuilding, drafting and throwing out really bad drafts, rewriting, reworldbuilding, replanning, reducing, reusing, recycling, all that jazz.

All completed!! I finally did it! I have finally written my book and finished it!! I’m unbelievably excited about this! Though if you will notice the asterisk beside the exclamation points, you will notice something. I’ve finished writing the first draft, and now comes the hard part of editing. Then it will be all the businessy stuff with agents and publishers and bookstores and what not. (2017/18 release maybe?)

Idk, but I don’t wanna worry about that just yet. I have to actually well and truly finish the book before it is well and truly done and published and out there. However, this is still a huge accomplishment for me. Something I have been working on since I was 13 and riding on a bus to a winter drumline competition. Part of me never thought I would get to this point, but I am so happy that I finally have a finished draft. A beginning, and an ending, and a middle with so much stuff mixed in I sometimes get lost in all the threads I made. But at the very least, it is done, and I will keep working to polish it up and make it publish-worthy. No clue when that will be, but if I have the first part done, I don’t see why I can’t do the rest! Here’s to Phase 2 and beyond!

*And to now

So yeah look at good ole optimistic me. I would love to say I’ve been writing the revision super hard, but honestly I haven’t. Not that I’ve given up, but my writing professor really said something that spoke to me. Houses before mansions. Basically the concept that working on smaller pieces of fiction will help you in maker larger works. So for the class we were writing short stories, and I put my book off to focus on them. That way I would make something that has a definite beginning and ending. In doing this, I’ve been able to pinpoint problems in my book.

So last semester and for this time this semester I’ve been taking a break from my book and working on short stories. I’m going to write five by the end of the summer and turn them in to publishers so that I will have a portfolio to give an book agent. I have two short stories close to finished, and am thinking about three more. I’m planning on finishing my revision by the end of the year, and then during the first few months of 2018 I’ll be editing, and by May I plan on sending the draft to agents and getting into the business of writing.

Starting tomorrow, I will be writing 1000 words a day again on the new revision. I’m excited to see where things go throughout this year.

Also, while this blog started out for mostly writing, I will be posting more about aspects of my life. Since writing is my passion it will be a focus, but I’ll be talking about more than just writing from now on.

Book Update: 80,000 Words Reached!!

I’ve finally caught up with my set pace after a few weeks of being behind. Today and yesterday I have written over 4000 words, which finally boosted me to my goal date of 80,000 words today. Now I am back on track to comfortably write 1000 words a day like usual. I may still try to go over 1000 in case I do have an off day or I just can’t find the time to write. But now I have myself on track to reach 100,000 words by the end of the year again with a comfortable pace and it makes me very happy. So I’m hoping to reach or even excell that number by the time 2016 roles around.