Writing Update: Week 1

  • Stories Completed: 1/5
  • Words Written (Book): 0/200,000
  • Words Written (Short Story): 0/10,000
  • Words Written (Flash): 725/750
  • Words Written (Script): 0/30,000

So yeah, writing has not been very good to me either this week. College has been taking a toll on many things, and I just feel really overwhelmed. But I did write a flash story I was happy with, though the people at workshop didn’t understand stuff due to clarity issues in the piece. While I hate when that happens, since most of the time if it was cleared up the rest of the story would make sense, I am happy to get such critiques. Because I can’t be there for the reader to clear up any questions so the story makes sense, the story must make sense without my comments. So I feel a little annoyed, but a positive annoyed, because I know I can and will do better.

I’ve also been reading over the few thousand words of my revision for my book, and I think I may just start over. I only got 2500 words in before I stopped for a while, and I think that there is an important reason why. I really need to get my timeline fixed and set up well so things make sense, and right now I feel a little unclear.

So yeah, not much progress as far as word count, but I think understanding of my work and worldbuilding has been mildly productive.


Writing Goals: A Late New Year’s Resolution Part II

So this year I’ve been swamped with school, and so my writing has suffered for it. Though I have found inspiration in short stories. As I said, I’m wanting to write and publish 5 short stories before I send a draft of my book in. Last semester and this I have been developing two. I’m also considering flash fictions as well, as getting them published will add to the 5 story quota. Of course, if I get one story published and I finish my book, I may decide to send it in. Why not? Anyway, I’ll say that my goals for this year are this:

  1. Write 5 short stories and send in for publication
  2. Write 5 flash fictions and send in for publication
  3. Write full revision for my book (Approx. 200,000 words)

I’ll be updating every week about my status on writing. The first post update will be on Sunday. I’m going to assume the revision will be 200,000 words, and so as I will be writing 1000 words a day, I’ll write at the top of my updates as such:

  • 1/5 stories completed
  • 1000/200,000

Now, if the book ends shorter than 200,000 words, that’s fine and dandy (publishers are more comfortable publishing smaller books from newer authors anyway).

Also, since this has been talking about my book, I’ll also say that structurally, I’ve decided the series will be 12 books long, consisting of 4 major arcs, and each arc being 3 books long. This is the way the series has been going, and it has grown so much bigger than I ever imagined. I went from 3 books, to 5, to 6, to 7, to 10, and now to 12. And I’m much more comfortable at twelve because with how the story is going, and how big it all is, that is how I think it is best to tell it.

So yeah, twelve book series coming sometime.