Book Update: 100,000 Words Reached!!

I did it! I hit my goal word count for the end of the year!!! I’m so happy that I achieved it! I know I didn’t make a 90,000 words reached post, and that was mostly because of finals week and I just really did not have the energy to make one. But this break has been making me so tired that somedays I’ve had trouble getting out the 1000 words of the day. However, it has also been a time of rejuvenation in the story. One day though I wrote 3500 words to catch up which I believe was Monday. I’m very excited to see what the new year has in store for me and my writing, as I should be able to finish the first draft by then and have a pretty good revision done.

Speaking of word counts, after reached my goal, I decided to do some math to make a guestimation at where my word count would be since I haven’t since I reached 40,000. Now that I have, my word count guestimate has gone up to 210,000, 30,000 more words than the original 180,000 previously calculated. I know that it will definitely flutuate between chapters and their individual word counts as I’ve gone from and average chapter word count of 3500 to 5000 to 45000 in just a few chapters, so I can’t really know where I’ll end up. However this does mean my rough draft finish date will probably change since the change in overall word count has changed so drastically. Right now I’m aiming to finish it on April 20, 2016.

This date doesn’t mean much more than just a accomplishment date as I still have to go through revision, editing, finding an agent, finding a publisher, being accepted by a publisher, more editing, publishing, selling, distribution, and all that fun stuff (which honestly makes me believe with a strong certainty the book won’t be out until 2017 if I’m thinking optimistically). However, I’m just taking this one step at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself all at once. The accomplishment date does make me very excited though!

But overall I cannot express in words how happy I am to have reached this goal. It means so much to me personally that I got here when I did, and didn’t fail. It has certainly boosted my confidence and my willingness to commit a certain amount of time to writing and thinking like an author and not just a writer. I’ve split the book up and cut some stuff already that has lead to a much better paced and (hopefully) exciting read. I’m very happy with you guy’s support through this year and positive words, and I’m hoping that when this is finally out there, it won’t disappoint your expectations. I’m certainly excited to see where the series goes. And with this split in the book now I’m expecting 7 to 8 books at least now, so that’s exciting as well!