Book Update: 50,000 Words Reached!

*Note: Another archived post, written around the beginning of November, but fairly accurate in what I’m doing now with my book.

50,000 words reached!! I’m very happy that I’ve reached this milestone on the day I set it. At this rate I am hoping to get to 70,000 by the end of the month, and possibly 100,000 by new years.

I’ve also decided to split my book at a place I think works better for a new author like myself, and would be a good length and story to get into it for new readers. So instead of the monolithic 400,000 word monster I would have had to have tackled, I am now only guestimating a length of 180,000 words. Meaning that the book is looking to be about 460 pages (of course I don’t really decide that the publisher does). But yeah I’m very excited about my speed and progress so far, and am hoping for a fresh mind tomorrow to get my next 1000 words of the day out.

Also I’ve done a bit of math to find out where if I keep up the pace my rough draft could be done, and I have a date that I am setting up as my personal goal to get the first draft done in: March 12, 2016.

Then when that happens…the horrors of revision!


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